About Bolvaint

Bolvaint does not follow the cycles of fashion or economics. We embody the craftsman, the scientist and the explorer. At Bolvaint, the three are not at odds, but allies. Their contradictions refine, and enlarge our view of the world around us. Together, they shape a product that is intelligent, that has longevity, that becomes more interesting the more you look. Because, life is craft and science and emotion – not one thing, or one face, but a study in contrasts.


Marine Aubrée Antikainen

Born near Paris, Marine went on to graduate from a top business school in France. A lifelong design enthusiast, she currently serves as the CEO of Bolvaint. Marine is also the Chairwoman of Galton Voysey, a company that supports entrepreneurs building the brands of the future. In her spare time, Marine frequents fashion and contemporary art exhibitions and is always on the lookout for talented new designers to partner with.